Glitter (USA)

Glitter (USA)

King Sang Hong supplies precision cut glitter for all kind of industries, from Christmas decoration, screen printing, paints to cosmetics industries. There are PVC, PET, Aluminium and glass glitter available. Please contact us and tell us your requirements.

  Solvent Water UV Max. Temp. 200℃ Max. Temp. 177℃ Max. Temp. 107℃
  Polyester (USA) V V V   V  
  Disco HT X V V   X V
  Disco LR V V V   V  
  Disco ET V V V V    
  Hologram V V V   V  
  Cosmeta Gem O V O   V  
  Japan X V O   V  
  Taiwan A X V V   V  
  Taiwan GR V V V   V  
  Taiwan LQ V V V   V  

V = Suitable

X = Not suitable

O = Testing suggested

Poly Flake
Alu Flake
Cosmeta Gem
Alu Flake

Alu Flake

This product line is from Glitterex U.S.A. They provide precision cut glitter for Christmas, paint to cosmetic industries. Inquiries are welcome. We have large amount of stocks.


Code Color
  • AF654
  • Composition: Aluminium
  • Temp. Resistance : 280℃
  • Color: Navy
  • Cut: Square / Hexagon
  • Suitable for: 
    Injection Molding
  • Water: No
  • Solvent:OK
* Color shows on your computer may varies slightly from the actual products we suggest testing for suitability before you buy from us.